Btec sport national extended diploma level

Practical, work-related tasks, set and marked by Pearson. An online board where you can see a wide range of placements: Aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, speed, flexibility and body composition 1 of 55 What are the 5 skill components of fitness.

A series of sprints followed by periods of walking or jogging. They are a good form of anaerobic training 50 of 55 What are hollow sprints. Subjects[ edit ] Art and Design[ edit ] The subject alone is available.

An increase in the size of the muscle and an increase in strength due to training then adaptation 34 of 55 A loss in muscular size and strength 35 of 55 What does 1RM stand for. Key vocational skills also enhance the employability of our students, such as advanced laboratory training for biomechanical and physiological testing.

The following units are mandatory within the course: This module develops your career management and employability skills through considering potential career pathways, highlighting the changing face of the job marketplace, identifying employer needs and defining the importance of maximising your skill base throughout your career.

Power, reaction time, agility, coordination and balance 2 of 55 What are the 8 training methods. Work-related assignments set and marked by the centre. It also opens opportunities for students to apply for work in areas similar to subjects studied such as nutrition.

You can also drop in to see our Job Shop advisers, who are always available to help you take the next step in your search.

It allows students to specialise in this sector with a view to progression to higher education. Career experience frequently leads to an ability to cope with HND level education and the two year commitment can be better spent in acquiring a higher qualification.

The course is available from Edexcel and is in many different subjects. Heart rate, the borg RPE scale and training zones 4 of 55 Maintaining a centre of mass over a base support 5 of 55 Define coordination and what are the 3 types.

It develops a number of fitness components such as aerobic endurance, it requires little equipment and recovery time gets shorter which is beneficial to performance 48 of 55 What are the disadvantages of interval training. Developing your skills and career prospects Sport and Health Sciences provide a range of support and opportunities to help you develop skills that are attractive to employers.

Hold contracted position for a bit as you squeeze biceps. Key Areas You will cover a range of units which will be assessed in a number of different ways. We have our own fantastic teaching and performance venue in the Izzard Theatre and the Academy prides itself on the professional standard of its productions, some of which may be attended by industry professionals.

A tape measure, stopwatch and 8 cones are needed 39 of 55 What does the grip dynamometer measure and what equipment is needed. The variety of subjects gives students the opportunity to study most areas of sport and allows them to decide which field they wish to work towards.

They are useful for football players who constantly change their speed throughout a game 51 of 55 What is speed training method, interval training. Take a look at some potential careers, including chemical engineer, on Prospects. It allows students to specialise in this sector with a view to progression to higher education.

Print Summary This qualification is equivalent to 2 A levels and is typically the major qualification in a full two-year study programme. The class this module is designed and intended for is a mix of mature students with some prior learning experience and young students with below A Level of mathematical background.

Print Summary This qualification is equivalent to 3 A levels and is typically the major qualification in a full two-year study programme. At LSBU, we want to set you up for a successful career. On graduation, students are permitted to use the postnominals OND or Dip after their name, usually followed by the course name in brackets.

BTEC National Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport

If the college is satisfied that the student has the ability to benefit successfully from the course. Other qualifications and experience may be acceptable for mature students.

Health Science and Early Years are also available. This is when the performer's fitness does not improve but does not get any worse due to training at the same intensity for a long period of time.

A rating of 33 of 55 What is muscular hypertrophy. Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type 15 of 55 What are the training zones and their percentages. The following units are mandatory within the course: Modules are assessed using a variety of methods including essays, exams, oral and written presentations, laboratory reports and a dissertation.

In Sport and Health Sciences, we have designated purpose-built laboratories for sport and exercise physiology, sports biomechanics, and health and performance psychology. Skin fold callipers and an assistant is needed 38 of 55 What does the Illinois agility run test and what equipment is needed?.

Higher National Diploma (HND) course in Chemical Engineering at London South Bank University (LSBU). Full-time. Accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Background. The BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma dates back to the s as a full-time three-year course. After the Haselgrave Report, the Business Education Council (BEC) and Technician Education Council (TEC) took over the accrediting of this qualification (called the "Ordinary National Diploma") and others in the stable, such as the National Certificate, Higher National Certificate and Higher.

• The BTEC National Extended Certificate course is the equivalent of one A Level and requires 4 units to be studies over 2 years. 3 are mandatory.

67% is externally assessed. BTEC Sport Level 3. UK; Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma Sport (//5) The courses which will help the students to get access to apprenticeship or progress to related higher education courses are: Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in /5(K).

Bright Futures Educational Trust offers a quality education that guarantees choices for every one of our pupils. We are passionate about offering a world-class education that means every single student reaches their full potential. BTEC Level 3 – National Diploma in Sport: The Credit Level 3 Extended Diploma that you will gain if you complete credits deepens the specialist work related focus.

BTEC Nationals Btec sport national extended diploma level
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