Math scavenger hunt

Just type your hunt and the URL links will become active links on which students can click to go directly to the web resource. Copy specific pages to use as an assessment.

The Competitive Element Since competition often generates an extra level of engagement, you can award prizes to students based on a variety of elements, such as: Now divide this distance by Their job, with the help of their parent, is to find and write down ALL the items.

Represent your find as a subtraction problem. They may choose one activity or a few that they find interesting to them.

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About how many cars lined up bumper to bumper would it take to stretch for 1 mile. It is also the one that insures your students find the information they need for the academic content you are introducing, while still improving their Internet navigation skills.

Continue estimating with other objects and lengths, such as the following: This article includes instructions for two Math Scavenger Hunt activities — one for elementary school and the other for middle or high school. After covering exponent rules, polynomials, absolute value, and factoring quadratics, it was finally time to jump into systems.

Remind students to use the search tool on a given website to find specific answers at that site.

Beginning of the Year/ End of the Year Math Scavenger Hunt for Grades 3-5

What would happen if the support beams in a building were not parallel or perpendicular. If necessary, the hunt can be preceded by a class discussion of the terms, or the students can look up any terms that may be unfamiliar to them. Students will love this hands-on investigation of metric measurement.

A hunt works best if the number of links is limited to websites.

Math Scavenger Hunt

Estimation Contest Set up an estimation contest. Video Players are given tasks that they have to complete that require filming rather than just having photos taken.

Instead of giving a test over this mini-unit, I gave a short, two-question quiz over rearranging formulas for a specific variable, and we did a scavenger hunt to demonstrate mastery over converting equations between various forms.

We will add all of the points earned at the end of class. This may be obvious based on the theme e. Help your students tie mathematical concepts to their reality, while making math class fun, different and hands-on.

Scavenger Hunt

Possibilities include the door of the classroom, a certain tree in the schoolyard, a mark on the gym floor, and a gate in the schoolyard. If the web resources are comprehensive, I use two or more questions per link.

My students really enjoyed this activity. Why must a ball be round. During our unit on linear equation, my Algebra 1 students really struggled with converting equations from standard form to slope-intercept form.

Represent your find as a division problem, a fraction, a percent, or all of the above. Alternate ideas include collecting photos from magazines or the Internet. How would you go about making these decisions.

Journey Along the Underground Railroad Internet Hunt Activities Excellent database of Internet scavenger hunts divided by content area and theme topics. This is a good review of geometry and offers students excellent practice in using web search engines for finding information.

If the web resources are comprehensive, I use two or more questions per link. Algebra students who need review or remediation. Math is a numbers game — and a math scavenger hunt can have your students searching the Internet for clues to the numbers with which you want them to work.

As an alternate approach, they can collect pictures from magazines or the Internet. If this requirement presents any kind of hardship, the students can simply describe or sketch their finds.

We ended up spending half a week on literal equations. As they find items that illustrate the various concepts, they can either describe their find in writing, or they can take a picture of it. A definition of the term this object illustrates A description of how the object fits that definition, in mathematical terms A calculation of the area of the object, the degrees of any associated angles, and all related formulas Evaluation of the significance of the geometric concept in this object.

Scavenger Hunt Student Directions Group 3 Sketch a rectangular prism. ” 1 min Your first card will look like this. Materials: • Lined paper • Review cards • Calculators Directions: Decide who in the group will be the researcher, timekeeper, and messenger. Print out this free scavenger hunt for kids and head outside on a color walk!Children love trying to find things in nature to represent each color on their list, and it’s.

Explore the math in your environment by finding and writing the items below. An item can only be written once. The winner is the first one to complete the list. Title: Math Bingo and Scavenger Hunt Author: John - Development Created Date.

Pick a recommended skill Your wall shows a huge selection of skills chosen just for you. Which skill looks most interesting? Answer 10 questions. Can you use this ruler to go on a measuring scavenger hunt? Help your preschooler learn about measurement with this fun activity that you can do at home, school or in the park!

Title - Star Wars Internet Scavenger Hunt By - Laura Helfrich Primary Subject - Computers / Internet Secondary Subjects - Grade Level - Use the Scavenger.

Math scavenger hunt
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How To Do A Scavenger Hunt